Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

A lot of people like to have white teeth. They feel that it makes them more confident and beautiful. Some of them may elect to go for what’s so called today as “Hollywood Smile” to have that perfectly white and aligned smile. “Hollywood Smile” may involve grinding of the teeth to place either crowns, veneers or Lumineers, whatever the case might be, it always involves prosthodontic work. Teeth whitening on the other hand doesn’t involve grinding of teeth, makes it a safer option, but there are limits.

Teeth whitening or also known as Teeth Bleaching , involves the application of a certain type of gel onto the teeth to oxidize the pigments making things appear whiter & brighter. There are two types of teeth whitening depending on where you are doing it.

  • Home-Based Teeth Whitening

This involves the fabrication of a tray that will fit into your jaws perfectly. Your dentists will be taking some impressions to facilitate the fabrication of the tray. Each tray will be custom made for each patient, making it a perfect size for the patient’s teeth.

After that, the dentist will give you some form of gels that you will be required to put it on the tray and onto your teeth. The gel constitutes Carbamide Peroxide makes it the best and safest option for your teeth due to its low enamel abrasiveness.

This procedure will have to be repeated during a period of 10-14 days until you see noticeable color changes that satisfies your requirements.

  • Dentist-Office Based Teeth Whitening

On the other hand, this type of whitening is done at the dentist’s office. The dentist will guide you through the procedure of teeth bleaching & will explain to you what he is going to do and what you are going to feel.

The dentist will be placing some cheek retractors and gum barriers to protect all your soft tissues from burns that may be caused by the acid that will be placed later on.

After that, the dentist will place a particular type of gel that contains Hydrogen Peroxide as the main consitiuents. When comparing with Carbamide Peroxide, It works faster & more efficient. However, it can cause significant sensitivity that can last for up to 14 days.

  • Now the question, is teeth whitening safe in general?

Teeth whitening in both techniques is safe provided that you do not bleach your teeth more than 4 times a year with Office-Based Whitening as it can cause significant amount of enamel abrasiveness and sensitivity with irritation to the pulp.

  • Post-Operative Instructions

You should avoid any dark foods or drinks that can stain your teeth for up to 5 days until the color of the teeth begin to stabilize. If you are feeling in sensitivity, consider using toothpastes designed for sensitive teeth as they contain specific chemicals like potassium nitrate that helps reduce the sensitivity.

Have you done teeth whitening before? I want to know more about your experience.


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