Two Brains are Better Than One!

It’s a saying I used to say to myself. I learnt it from pilots while I was watching a documentary about aviation accidents of which in case of  emergency, the pilot along with co-pilots & his engineer, if present, should work together to solve the problem rather than panicking and saying I can do it alone because I’m good enough! In reality, that’s not how things work and I’m trying to apply this type of thinking into dentistry!

Now you might be asking yourself how am I going to do it?

First, lets face the fact that a lot of dentists think that they are providing the best dental treatment to their patients and they show off their work to their friends and competing dentists. They start saying “this other dentist is bad”, “he is not good”, “I can do better than him”, & blah blah blah. I heard it myself and I saw it in my dental school as well.

I will share with you a little story of how I saw it. We have many prosthodontics in our dental school and almost all of them think that their treatment is better than the other. The environment is very competitive and is very disturbing to me as a student. I keep hearing from my friends, that this person is better than other and so on.

I realized that if all of them got united and start helping each other, they will start filling the gaps to a perfect dental treatment. There is no person better than the other. I’m not better than anyone else, I always seek another opinion when I need to because having a second, a third or even a fourth brain will fill the gaps and show more points that I have missed. Its not necessary to show off nor is to your benefit. A successful treatment and a happy patient relies heavily on the quality of treatment. Patients appreciate good treatments and will put their money on it.

Combining more than one brain will result in one big brain that is capable of solving anything that anyone can face no matter how big the situation is!


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