A Note To All Parents!

Parents play a major role to raise dental health awareness among their children. They should emphasize on oral hygiene and the importance of brushing & flossing. The American Dental Association (ADA) states that children should visit their dentist for a check-up after the eruption of the first tooth. Parents should also make dental visits an enjoyable and nice experience to their children.

I have encountered a lot of scared, anxious & crying children during my practice & to be honest, I don’t know whom I shall blame. The dentist should make the dental visit to kids an enjoyable, lovely experience, & full of surprises. Children tend to know what is going to happen next. Try to hide any sharp instruments from their vision and don’t threaten or be angry to them. The dentist should speak with them very clearly and in a funny manner. The first dental visit to children should be limited to very painless procedures like prophylaxis just to let the child accommodate to his first dental visit & with that he should build a positive first time experience that he/she won’t regret.

Now, I’m sorry to say that not all of us do this. Sometimes due to lack of time or the patient is feeling in pain that his offending tooth requires either extraction or some other treatment.

Extractions of teeth should be avoided in the child first visit as it requires a very profound anesthesia to eliminate the pain during the procedure. Giving injections to the child in his first visit will not give you a good nice outcome at the end, as most children are afraid of syringes due to the pain that they might give.

Providing a small gift to the children after their treatment should cheer them up and they will start coming to you often for more check-ups.

Now, what can the parents do?

The parents should tell good and positive stories about visiting the dentist and how they had got rid of their problems. They should tell their children that their previous treatment was very painless and you should encourage your child to visit the dentist. The behavior of the child at the dentist relies completely on the encouragement and education from their parents. Try to make up stories to your children and make sure that they are listening to you. Also, make sure that end up the story with nice beautiful experience.

A Rule of Thumb, Make sure that you ask your child first before a booking a dental appointment. The child should agree on visiting the dentist voluntarily, because if he/she don’t want to, don’t book the appointment for them. Instead, keep on talking and educating your kids but don’t force them to visit the dentist. Children nowadays are very smart and they can know things that us adults don’t know about. Forcing a child to visit the dentist will be of hassle to the parent and to the practitioner as well in which that in both ways won’t end up well!

So, that’s it for today!, & let me know what you think in the comment!


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