Improving Oral Health!

A patient came to my clinic complaining of bleeding gums and bad breath, upon clinical examination the gums were found red and inflamed with calculus covering most of the teeth. With only scaling and polishing and oral hygiene instructions, the bleeding gums were eliminated!  

Giving a Chance to Smile Again!

A 21 year old male patient came to the clinic complaining of discolored teeth, upon history taking it turned out that he is not frequently maintaining his oral hygiene along with smoking. On clinical examination it was found that plaque and calculus were adhered to the tooth and discolored due to extrinsic factors. With only…

A Complete Denture Ready For Final Stage!

After teeth arrangement, we set up an appointment for Try-In where we try the dentures before we go to the final step. If the Try-In was satisfactory we then proceed to final step of denture fabrication which includes Flasking, then Finishing & Polishing of the Ready for Delivery Dentures!