Your Guide to Teeth Whitening!

In a world of social media and smartphones, we are only ever one click away from a photo being snapped and shared with the world. It is making people more aware than ever of how their teeth – and their smiles – look…

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Take 2 Aspirin And Call Me In The Morning! How To Manage Dental Pain?

To many patients, pain and dentistry are synonymous. Patient surveys continue to indicate that fear of pain prevents many patients from scheduling dental appointments. This can often lead to the progression of infection or dental disease. Equally important, clinical practice can be disrupted by unscheduled emergencies and possible difficulty in obtaining adequate pain control. Challenges in this area can be a source of frustration to the busy practitioner, and perhaps even more so for the anxious patient. This does not have to be the case. Research conducted by endodontists and other clinicians interested in pain management have revolutionized our ability to treat acute inflammatory pain.

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How Does Glutaraldehyde Prevent Postoperative Tooth Sensitivity?

It is interesting to note that some dentists have patients who complain of postoperative tooth sensitivity frequently, while others do not. The question you asked is not a new one; it has been asked for several decades. Scientists and clinicians in our research organization, Clinicians Report Foundation (CR Foundation), have researched this topic for many years.
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