For Dentists & Students: Guidelines For Managing a Pregnant Women

So, lets face it… we all have encountered pregnant patients and some of us just don’t want to treat them scared of doing something wrong that might affect the mother or the baby. But come on, why do you really want to refer them if you can treat them?! To solve this problem, I will discussing the guidelines that is sponsored by Health Resources and Services Administration & Maternal and Child Health Bureau. It is also done in collaboration with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists & American Dental Association.

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On-Demand Webinar Included: Reducing the Occurrence of Many Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Today there are many medically compromised patients coming to our offices. The U.S. and global population demographics are constantly changing, chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent, new medications are being developed and brought to the market.

Many of these patients are often treated in dental offices without an adequate medical history and evaluation being taken prior to the onset of treatment. It has been estimated that at least one or two office related deaths may occur during the career of a typical dental practitioner. These would not necessarily occur during the office visit, but could happen within 24 hours after the initial treatment. The overwhelming majority of medical emergencies that occur in dentistry happen during or immediately after local anesthetic administration. Anything a doctor can do to minimize stress at this time serves to prevent potential problems from developing. More than 50% of all postoperative deaths are cardiac in nature. Over 50% of emergencies that occur in the dental office are syncope or simple fainting. Even this simple fainting episode, improperly managed, may and has resulted in a fatal outcome.

This article will describe four important recommendations that can easily be implemented in any dental office that are all non-invasive, cost-effective, easy to learn and can be performed by the dentist or knowledgeable staff members.

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