A bluish cyst overlying an unerupted tooth! What to do?

Eruption Cyst results from fluid accumulation within the follicular space of an erupting tooth. (Figure 1 & 2)

Figure 1
Figure 1


Figure 2
Figure 2

The epithelium lining this space is simply reduced enamel epithelium which overlies a developing tooth. As the cells of the reduced enamel epithelium degenerate, the tooth is revealed progressively with its eruption into the mouth. However, with trauma, blood may appear within the tissue space, forming an eruption hematoma (swelling that consists of blood). No treatment is needed because the tooth erupts through the lesion. Subsequent to eruption, the cyst disappears spontaneously without complications.

Now i want to hear from you.

Have you or your child ever suffered from eruption cyst? & Did you treat it or left as it is?

I read each & every comment.

Haider Maitham, DDS

Reference: Oral Pathology: Clinical Pathological Correlations, sixth edition. By Regezi, Sciubba, & Jordan.

Pictures are credited to oralanswers.com


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