Baby born with a tooth! What to do?

Natal Teeth is a term that describes a baby born with a tooth or teeth, however the term neonatal teeth implies for a tooth that erupt within the subsequent 30 days after the baby has born. (Figure 1)

Figure 1


Natal teeth are not a very common conditions and they are not considered a medical conditions.

  • Causes:

Their are variety of causes but mostly its due to ectopic position of the tooth germ.

Most often it affects the central incisors of the lower jaw and they are members of milky teeth.

  • Treatment:

Usually, these teeth does not have good root development and therefore may appear mobile, so in case in danger of being swallowed by the infant or causing problems in breast-feeding mothers, they can be extracted in the dental clinic.

Reference: Edited with respect to Abnormalities II Handouts of Dr.Raghad Hashim, Associate Professor & the Head of Growth & Development Department at Ajman University of Science & Technology.


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